This product is suitable for Surgical, Examination and household Glove manufacturing companies. Modules are Purchase and Stock management, Production, Post production processing, Marketing and Sales, HR, Finance and Accounting.


ERP solution for Latex processing companies. Managing Procurement from farmers, Production, Lab, Warehousing and Stock, Sales & Distribution, HR and finance part of the company.


Rubber or any other commodity Physical Trading , Future Trading, Warehousing, Sorting, Grade conversion, Stock transfers,  Marketing and Sales modules integrated to Finance.


A general hospital management system, handling OP and IP division, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical Records and Accounts. Suitable for medium scale hospitals.


Specifically developed for Optical Showrooms and Eye Clinics with GST Ready tools and formats.  All the significate aspects of any optical business concern covered under this product.  


Specifically developed for Optical Showrooms and Eye Clinics with VAT Ready tools and formats. This is a Middle East version of OpticPlus software.


LensMagic software is developed to manage optical Lens dealers across India. This also GST compliant product and satisfying major lens suppliers In Kerala.


This product can be used by any wholesale suppliers in Optical sector. Order taking , placing, dispatching , stock management, and accounts are the major sections of the FrameMagic software.


A general software for any retail dealers. Purchase , Sales, Stock and accounts can be managed as GST compatible with this software.

TradeX.R is a another version for Latex Collection Companies.


This software product is used manage college campuses. Administration, Student Management, Fee Collection, Certificates & TC, Library, Hostel and accounts modules are available in this software.


EduCare is a School Management software.  Multiple institution in a single campus can be managed by this software. Admission, Student Management,  CCE, Time Table, Stores, Transportation, Library and Accounts are the major modules of EduCare software.


AccureNext is a Middle East version of EduCare software. This product is suitable for Schools in UAE, Oman, Bahrain and all other GCC counties in Middle east.


Chits and Finance software for Chitty, personal Loan and Micro finance companies.


This products is used by Builders and construction companies. Material purchase, Material Issue, Quotation, Invoice generations and payment collection, Cost calculation  are the main objectives of the BuildWare software.