The key areas

Legacy Migration

Although many firms have rapidly and enthusiastically adopted the distributed architectures, many more are stuck with legacy-mission critical systems that continue to isolate them from their partners, suppliers, and customers. Orbaud Technologies Pvt Ltd's Legacy Migration transforms legacy systems to newer, more productive platforms so that organizations can exploit faster and cheaper development technologies, offering the responsiveness for changing business requirements and technology enhancements.

Network Management
Orbaud Technologies Pvt Ltd's network management involves a distributed database, auto polling of network devices, and high-end workstations generating real-time graphical views of network topology changes and traffic. It is a service that employs a variety of tools, applications, and devices to assist in monitoring and maintaining networks.

E-commerce Solutions
Orbaud Technologies Pvt Ltd's technology-driven business solutions help businesses transact with customers and suppliers efficiently, reach out to newer markets and generate healthier, higher revenues. It designs and deploys the best solution for your business and its vast experience in enterprise systems allows it to integrate your Online & Offline presence.

Systems Integration
System Integration provides the expertise and experience for successfully implementing manageability, security and e-business intelligence solutions for its customers. The systems integration group consists of a team of highly trained consultants that enable customers to achieve maximum functionality and business results in their IT environments.

We are a unique company that offers to its customer’s extremely advantageous cooperation conditions. This became possible because we combined both advantages of SoftLogic Group Company (strong resource, low prices, well-adjusted software development strategy, etc.).

Summarily our advantages are as follows:

  • High reliability. We use the services of best specialists from with high offshore software development level. We have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to use effectively the skills of these specialists.
  • High service level. We employ local managers. Therefore, our service level is the same as the service level of the "native" companies.
  • Wide range of services. We offer a very wide selection of services to create, modify and test software and Web sites
  • Speedy project implementation. Due to our strong creative resource we can form a large workgroup and implement your project in extremely short time interval. The distributed structure of ours makes it possible for the Company to quickly adjust to the current client needs (size and number of workgroups, etc)
  • High degree of confidentiality.
  • Very simple scheme for customer interaction. Our system of client relations is designed to make it as easy as possible for a client to work with us. Marketing research provided by our specialists confirms the effectiveness of this system.
  • Constant working resource availability. Due to our distributed structure (large number of teams) the Company has practically always a certain number of available specialists ready to start new projects.

Therefore our offer to our clients is a very wide variety of extremely high quality software development services at a reasonable price. Being a unique company, we offer to its clients unique working terms. The large number of our clients serves as a good confirmation of the fact.

Our company constantly optimizes its structure, adds new services and increases the number of employees. If your company is in need of software development services, we are the best choice. We are sure that our relations will be mutually beneficial, and we will be able to satisfy your needs.