Project Management:

Orbaud Technologies’ Project Management methodologies enable a flexible, client-driven development cycle, which at the same time offers a high degree of predictability and control. This is imperative for today’s outsourcing models that demand efficiency and effectiveness together with a high degree of client control.

We believe in participative development process where it encourages its clients to involve at every stage of the development. Orbaud Technologies chooses appropriate process models to suit the type of work. Relatively small projects follow a tailored waterfall model of life cycle for fast turn-around time. With this model Orbaud Technologies understands and finalizes the requirements, then proceeds to design and develop. Larger projects adopt iterative life cycles where at every stage the team will interact with the client and refine the requirements during the development. In this model, intermediate versions will be released to the clients and get their feedback while progressing further with the rest of the development.